Selling my artwork with mid-century modern furniture

Both artworks by MC

On August 22 I received an email from Mary on behalf of, described as a “leading seller of mid-century modern furniture.” My normal impulse on seeing a message from a commercial establishment would be to delete it without even opening it. In this case though, I chose to go against that impulse and opened it. It seemed like a genuine message because it began with “I came across your website and I’d be interested in showcasing your art  work on our website.”

I say genuine because a) It is rare that someone comes across my website, b) It is rarer that someone actually thinks that what I do is art and c) It is even rarer still that someone then wants “showcase” my art in order to sell it. Three-in-one, what’s not to like?

What also interested me was Mary telling me this: “We have been getting queries from our customers enquiring about paintings,  sculptors and other art work.”

I went to Regency Shop’s website to do quick due diligence and decided to take the next step, which was to fill out a basic agreement and upload two of my works for starters. The two paintings have now gone on sale on the website here and here.

Subject to any of these two selling at some point, there is a possibility that this might become a revenue source for me. I cannot emphasize enough that my artworks, which are primarily meant to be printed as wall pieces, also lend themselves to any surface simply because they are entirely digital and done in the PNG format that allows their transfer to any surface. So while it might satisfy my minor artistic conceit to see some of these hanging on someone’s walls, I am perfectly okay with buyers using these images to merchandize anything, including shoes and underwear.


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