Dreams as leaks within multiverse

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It has been quite a while since I spun one of my fake but, presumably, entertaining cosmic theories. This one relates to parallel universes and dreams. I think dreams are information spillovers or leaks from one of the many universes where one of our many versions exists into our own.

The fact that dreams are so vivid and so precisely laid out and yet so improbable means that they are bits of experiences that our own version in a parallel universe could be going through. They do not make sense in what we think is our own universe because they have no reference to the context here.

Last night, for instance, I had a dream where I was carrying a vial of iodine for some purpose in what could well be a parallel universe. In the universe that this version of me exists I actually needed my nasal drops because my nose was blocked solid. Before I woke up in the midst of the iodine dream to spray some nasal drops, I remember the vial to be so distinctly real and even having considered putting a couple of drops of iodine in my nose. Mercifully, I did not.

It was at that point in the night in this universe that I started to think about information leaks or spillovers within a multiverse. As I sat up thinking a bit more, I started to wonder whether what we call consciousness is common through these infinite parallel universes. Think of these parallel universes as slabs of luminescent glass stacked up neatly on each other. Now picture consciousness as a beam of light running through the center of all those slabs or horizontal monoliths. That is what I have in mind.

While the same consciousness animates all our infinite existences or versions in this multiverse, it fashions itself and its sensory responses to the realities of a particular universe. So it is entirely possible that the leak from a parallel universe showing me a vial of iodine had a specific purpose that was relevant to that world but when it slipped into my dream last night, it seemed bizarre.

To make it more interesting, we can also have consciousness as something specific and distinct to each of these infinite universes. In such a scenario, dreams could be a clash of consciousnesses (Consciousnesses is not a word but I am using it for this purpose) within this multiverse.

I think I must restrain myself at this stage before I am institutionalized.


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