Trapped Moon

Trapped Moon-small

Trapped Moon by Mayank Chhaya

This morning while watching the blood moon on Slooh I began painting my impression of it. Initially the painting looked like a giant misshapen tomato which had caught some plant disease. However, as I continued with my layering of the basic work I began to see a possible artwork. After about half an hour of using a combination of digital water colors and some oil paint on Fresh Paint the image above is what I ended up with.

The moon—or at any rate some version of it—looks like it has been gently trapped in venetian blinds. Venetian blinds is an afterthought. I was first going for those long canvas strips that used to be woven into a kind of houndstooth pattern in beds when I was growing up. 

More often than my digital artworks start as something and end up as something entirely different. I am tempted to attribute that to artistic eccentricity but the fact is that it happens because I am clueless as to what I want. It is only four or five out ten times that I have a final image in mind and manage t create something close to it. The Trapped Moon is an example of that cluelessness.


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