You are the compass between existences

Incarceration by Mayank Chhaya

For quite sometime now my brain has become a blender of useless creative cocktails. It is generally a mixture of poetry and digital painting. Neither serves any purpose other than causing a transient high. Those who indulge in any creative art at all, irrespective of its quality, know that creating is an end in itself.  Applause, while welcome, is incidental. Rejection, while welcome, is also incidental. In fact, rejection is better because it results from a stronger emotion and shows that the receiver has been disturbed by it.

In a span of about six hours I wrote a short ghazal followed by the digital artwork above.  The ghazal, if I can really call it that, went like this:

रोशन ज़माना तुम करो
ज़ुल्मत का भी आना तुम करो

हक़ीक़तों की हद्दों के पार
निगेहबान-ए-ठिकाना तुम करो

जो दिखे वही सच जो न दिखे वोह मिथ्या
दरम्यान-ए-वजूद का निशाना तुम करो

–मयंक छाया

You illuminate existence

You are also a harbinger of darkness

Beyond the boundaries of reality

You are the sovereign of territories

What is apparent is the truth, what is not is an illusion

You are the compass between existences

I looked for any common threads between two creative processes but found one other than my own conceit. That I think they worthy of being shared here is also the same conceit. I am sorry to have indulged myself.


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