‘Unsuitable Celibate: Mistaken Glory of Celibacy’

My company, Global Content LLC, has today begun selling its first book, a  novella titled ‘Unsuitable Celibate: Mistaken Glory of Celibacy’ on Amazon. As the book’s blurb describes it, “Set in the Bay Area, California, ‘Unsuitable Celibate’ tells the story of a rebellious young second generation Indian American man whose lifelong religious and cultural conditioning snaps something deeply inner.”

The author, Dr. Bharat Thakkar, a well-known Chicago reliability and quality expert and professor of mechanical engineering at various institutions as well as a highly regarded poet, offers a breezy, slice of life narrative about an Indian American family in the Bay Area, California. The story has enough dramatic hooks to be turned into a movie or a television series that can offer an authentic look inside the lives of the community often caught in religious and cultural conditioning. Since I have a direct vested interest in the success of the book, I would avoid writing a review.

We have released the novella first as a Kindle edition but there are plans to soon offer both hardcover and paperback in the next couple of weeks. As someone who has dabbled in publishing for quite sometime, I find it rather interesting to go the digital route first. The whole, protracted cycle that attends traditional publishing in terms of editing the manuscript, going through iterations, designing the cover, formatting the final book, sending it for printing and then going through the galleys and then finally releasing it has been considerably shortened by technology. The most remarkable part of digital publishing is the ability to change/correct the content almost at will. The whole idea of the “undo” or redo option that technology allows is extraordinary. I have written about the sheer convenience of the “undo” option in various apps that I use, in particular Fresh Paint for digital painting. In some ways that facility can make you complacent because you know you have the option to undo any time.

Here is sincerely hoping that the novella earns my company enough to be able to survive and continue with content creation across print, online, film and television platforms.


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