Blackbucks like ballerinas and camels with dinosaur heads


Illustration by MC

I am a fan of my dreams. Many of them seem only borderline improbable in real life, meaning they could happen in real life. Take the one that I experienced this morning soon after 3.45 a.m. It would not have lasted more than 30 seconds in actuality but by the time I woke up after watching it fully, it was 5.10 a.m. I don’t know how the time computes in dreams but that is a subject for discussion another day.

The dream began on a wide, dust-laden asphalt street of an obscure town which could have been in Gujarat because I heard some people speaking Gujarati. The houses on either side of the street were in various stages of incompletion as if their owners had run out of money midway through their construction. Many of them had exposed bricks and uneven concrete, not as in deliberately shabby aesthetics but as in “I do not have the money to finish the plastering.”

I was standing in the middle of that street for no apparent reason and peering into the horizon. That is when I saw brownish yellow clouds clouds of dust rise from the ground. It was a herd of cows with massive horns running towards me. As the cows came closer, I stepped aside and waited inside the compound of one of the homes whose wrought iron gate had partly come off the hinges. The air displaced by the cows running made the gate swing and squeak. The cows passed me by very rapidly. If I had remained standing in the middle of the street I would have been trampled to death in my dream.

After the cows passed, I went back again and stood in the street looking for more animal herds. This time there were camels whose head weirdly looked like dinosaurs. They were silvery white and because of their size they seemed to be lumbering across even though they were running faster than the cows. They passed as well.

I went back to the street again. In my dream, I seemed to know the exact time of the great scramble. The third set of animals was buffaloes but were they really buffaloes? From a distance, they were clearly buffaloes.However, as they came closer they morphed into blackbuck antelopes. Unlike the cows and camel/dinosaurs, whose hard hooves stomped and shook the ground, the antelopes had the lightness of ballerinas. They made no noise, nor kick up any dust. I remained in the middle of the street and they negotiated past me without stampeding me to death.

The blackbuck antelopes passed, leaving behind them a brisk of burst of air that woke me up. The time was 5.10 a.m. I folded my comforter, came down to brush my teeth etc., quickly drew the illustration above and wrote this wholly unnecessary post.


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