Some breathtaking art in glass


Bowl in Chalcedny Glass, 1668


The versatility of glass as an art medium has been known since at least the third millennium BCE. Cultures throughout the world have created an astonishing variety of glass art. This morning on my routine visit to the Google Art Project, I decided to visit the Hakone Glass Forest Venetian Glass Museum. Inevitably, I was rewarded with some breathtaking works. Although what I have showcased here is not that old, it shows just how versatile glass is as a medium of artistic expression. The examples I have cited here are all unknown in terms of their makers and that shows how the expression is inevitably more enduring than the expresser. Ironic but true.

Each of these works is exquisite and a tribute to its makers’ astounding skills. I have chosen not to say much about them because their artistry speaks for itself. It does not need an intermediary. If you have a few moments, I recommend you visit the URL that I have linked to the word Hakone here.


Venice Goblet and cover with colored enamels and gilt, 15th century




Bowl and cover in filgrana a reticello, 16th cenury



Rhyton-style bottle in filigrana, 17th century


Bottle ice glass, early 18th century



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