Painting under the influence of ‘Prem ke Pujari’


I woke up this morning around 4 a.m. singing ‘Prem Ke Pujari, Hum Hai Ras Ke Bhikhari’ from the 1970 Dev Anand movie ‘Prem Pujari.’ Why, you may ask. Ab why ka main kya jawab doon? Mind does what mind wants. That it is Monday morning, the beginning of a new week, and its attendant dread did not stand in my way as I kept singing.

The song lyrically written by Neeraj and captivatingly sung and composed by Sachin Deb Barman remains one of my all time favorite by the composer. I always wanted to paint under the influence of this song. I did it this morning. The result is the painting above. It is a bit obvious and gimmicky but the colors and strokes chose themselves. Most of the strokes were done in rhythm with the the flute, the percussion and whatever the string instrument that is played.

The song does refer to the Himalayas and its great waters. Hence my image. I have linked the song’s URL to the painting. If you have the kind of time that I do—or you do care as little about the mundane and the humdrum as I do—then spend a couple of minutes to listen to the song. It is uplifting, I mean the composition and not the filming of it.


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