In pursuit of useless creativity


Museum by Mayank Chhaya

So far Friday morning has turned out to be my kind of morning. I woke up at 3.45 a.m. with two diverse poems, one in Hindi and the other in English almost fully formed. That was followed by a section of a museum to my conceit (Artwork above) that I may or may not build one day. This is nothing but creativity with no utility and no income. Like I said, my kind of morning.

It is hard to say which of the two was conceived first. Let us just call them fraternal poetic twins and leave it at that.

# 1

जवानी है मलमल बुढ़ापा कपास

नदी है खलखल पर महासागर है ख़ास

कहाँ कहाँ खोजे तू संसार का सार

न वोह तेरे करीब है न वोह मेरे पास

मैं तो बीता हूँ, तुम भी बीत जाओगे

जो है तेरा भविष्य वोह है मेरा इतिहास

अंत तो आखिर सब की यही कहानी

पारा पारा पैरहन, रफ़ू रफ़ू लिबास

मयंक छाया

# 2

What is life

but forever

a transit

to a destination

like a simmering mirage

in a desert

There is no

getting there

but ours is

to merely chase it

–Mayank Chhaya


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