Tambourine, bagpipe, maracas, bongos, accordion and the beach


Deepak Parashar in ‘Babu’ (1985)

One of my minor desires has been to sit on a production meeting of a 1980s Hindi movie between the director and the line producer.

Take for instance, a movie called ‘Babu’ (1985). It is just a random example which happens to feature a rather melodious song composed by Rajesh Roshan, sung by Lata Mangeshkar and written by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The song ‘Ey hawa mere sang sang chal’ (Oh breeze, flow with me) was quite a hit in those days. It features Rati Agnihotri and Deepak Parashar with a bunch fully clad friends on a beach. The situation is that Agnihotri is singing this song apparently for the benefit of Parashar.


Rati Agnihotri

I imagine the following exchange taking place between the director A C Trilogchander and the line producer whose name I do not know. Bear in my mind that this is purely my imagination and hence fictional. None of thishappened other than in my mind this morning. There is generouscreative license taken here:


Line producer: Saar, what property do we need for the song shoot today, saar?

Trilogchander: Five apples, one tambourine, two maracas, one accordion, one guitar, one bagpipe, and a bongo.

Line producer: Saar, I thought we are shooting on the beach? Do we need so much?

Trilogchander: The situation is there, you see. It is a picnic scene.

Line producer: Saar, what about Deepak saar’s and Rati maam’s clothes?

Trilogchander:The continuity will take care of that.

Line producer: Anything else, saar?

Trilogchander: One goggle for the tambourine man.

Line producer: Saar, he can wear his own goggle saar.

Trilogchander: Okay, let him him wear his own. The rest will wear their own clothes.

Line producer: It is a beach saar, why clothes saar?

Trilogchander: Family film, family film.

I have always liked this song because it has a pretty catchy beat and melody. Of all the characters featured in this song I would like to be the tambourine dude, particularly dance the way he does at cue 1.00. He has shown up in dress shoes and trousers on the beach with a tambourine. If not him, then I would rather be the rumba shaker guy.

Incidentally, every time I think of this particular song, I also think of anothersong from the 1987 movie ‘Dil Tujh Ko Diya’ that goes ‘Wada na tod” (Don’t break your promise). I just discovered that this song too was composed by Rajesh Roshan. It also features Agnihotri with Kumar Gaurav. I have to listento the two songs in rapid succession.

Both these songs were played frequently during my daily taxi rides to my newspaper office and home in Bombay in the 1980s. Weirdly, the fragrance that I associate with the songs is that of an incense stick, specifically that of Mogra (Jasmine). While listening to the two songs today, I also smelled the Mogra incense stick.


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