Misanthropic lunatics strike again

Pakistan has so long been past the stage of “I told you so” on the question of seeding terror in its own soil that one has truly run out of things to say.

With over 130 people, mostly school children, massacred for reason no other than pure revenge the country is yet again the face of what happens to a society that has lost both its center and its moorings. It is both bad form and futile to remind a deeply wounded country of its own follies at a time when it has lost so many children.

Like any society, I am sure Pakistan too has enough critical mass of mature people who understand the flaws that weaken its very core. It is possible that they see the latest killings as their grimmest opportunity to change course of their polity. Whether this realization leads to that change of course is entirely a matter for the people of Pakistan to decide. As fellow human beings we can only reach out in sharing their sorrow and soothing their grief.

It says something deeply unsettling about an ideology whose adherents think nothing of raiding a school and slaughtering children simply because they can. The Taliban’s justification for the act is they want the people of Pakistan to feel the pain that they experience regularly. This is the view of a profoundly misanthropic bunch of lunatics who have completely lost their capacity to think other than at the very primal level.

It is no longer possible, not to mention constructive, to fairly apportion the blame for the sordid pass that Pakistan finds itself at. It is entirely up to the people of Pakistan to decide how they want to extricate their country from this abyss of relentless blood-letting. As its immediate neighbor, the best that India can do is to reach out and offer help. Of course, such offers have a history of proving counterproductive. Other than expressing genuine sympathy, there is not much more that New Delhi can do.


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