‘Viwanja Ishirini’ by Trufaq


Creating bogus biographies of fictional artists has been one of my minor fascinations.Leading the pack is an artist called Trufaq who is supposed to be half Zanzibarish and half Peruvian whose ancestors escaped being traded by Gujarati seafarers featured in Gunwantrai Acharya’s brilliant novel ‘Dariyalal’.

By some quirk of fate Trufaq’s ancestors ended up on Isla San Lorzeno, Peru’s largest island, in the mid 18th century. A boat carrying Trufaq’s great great grandfather along with 57 others reached sometime in July 1767.

Trufaq’s father was born along Costa Verde in 1834. He married a Peruvian woman in 1853. Trufaq was born in 1862 and became a fulltime artist in 1882. Very few of his works survive, one of which is in my possession titled Viwanja Ishirini, which I found out means Twenty Squares in Swahili. That is the painting above.

I told you I like creating bogus biographies of artists that do not exist. Trufaq is, of course, me.


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