The six second rule and art

woman by the wall

Woman by the Wall by MC


Streaks by MC


Grey by MC

My definition of art is simple. Does it make you want to look at it for more than six seconds? If it does, then it is art. This is my six second rule for art. When I say “it” I mean something that is being presented by its creator as art.

Meaning comes to art, if at all it does, as an unintended consequence. This is particularly true of abstract art, something which I have taken to in recent years. In my case, abstract art is especially useful because it helps me hide my severe inadequacies as a real artist. Going by some of the response to what I produce I think at the very least I have some visual flair. Some of my works have begun to make people want to look at them for more than six seconds.

On a tangent, people often wonder when an artist knows that his or her art is complete. The popular answer would seem to be to say that art is never complete. That it is always a work in progress like nature. That is, of course, non-sense. Any piece of art carries within it a specific sense of aesthetic symmetry. (Wow! I am really spinning this shit). Once an artist reaches that symmetry, which is entirely visual, anything more seems incongruous. That is when you stop and sign.

Real painters—and by that I mean painters who use actual, physical paint and not those like me who use virtual/digital paint—do not have the luxury of the undo option that I have. For real painters once the brush has touched the canvas and they do not like what they see it is some effort to paint over it. If they happen to use oils, the process is even more tedious because chemistry takes over. In fact, chemistry is already in charge when you use real paint. Among the things that a real artist has to do is to manipulate and guide chemistry.

I think this is enough for today.


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