Snow lines




Lines by MC

Those who shovel snow manually, as in with a shovel and not a blower, like I do would have noticed that it leaves snow lines that mimic crack lines perfectly. The only difference is that they are giant lines compared to the actual kind that addicts snort. For the past few winters I have been meaning to take a few pictures of these lines and write about them. I took these pictures yesterday morning. While doing so I thought of an uplifting short story about a crack addict deciding to give up snorting one particularly snowy morning in a Chicago suburb.

Let’s call him Jack who was known as Jack the Crack. He began snorting as a teenager after his parents died in a car accident. Mercifully for him, the parents had paid off their home in a respectable suburb of Chicago which ensured survival was not an immediate problem. However, as he took to crack he began running out of money. By the time he was 20 he had exhausted all his parents’ savings. He naturally turned to drawing on his home equity. The banker who sanctioned the loan was both a ruthless banker and a compassionate man. He knew that Jack was headed for a disaster. He kept advising him to give up crack but it did not work. Jack understood his peril but just couldn’t help snorting.

Then one morning after night-long snowfall Jack managed to wake up early and began shoveling. While shoveling Jack saw the snow lines he was leaving in his trail. The sight of those giant lines caused him so much revulsion that he gave up cocaine cold turkey that morning. Now Jack runs an anti-crack advocacy group where he brings together crack addicts every winter, puts them through the rigors of shoveling snow, shows them the snow lines and helps them kick the habit by spring. The end.


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