On Narendra Modi’s pinstripes


Pinstripes by MC

People forget that it is a combination of conceit, hubris, narcissism and megalomania that propels any politician’s ambition to be the leader of any country, let alone a country as mind-numbingly complex as India. I would argue that without at least one, if not all, of these attributes anyone would find it practically impossible to rise to the highest seat of power, namely that of prime minister.

With that out of the way, I come to the current frenzied debate over one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suits in whose pinstripes was embroidered his full name Narendra Damodardas Modi. Many are outraged and embarrassed at the prime minister’s sartorial tastes during President Barack Obama’s visit and the cheap self-absorption it underlines.

I am only mildly amused because it is not a news flash that a politician is also a narcissist. They all are in varying degrees. It is a key ingredient of their profession. In Modi’s case it is overstated because he literally wears it on his sleeve (and everywhere else) but must we really quibble over the degrees?

Of all the things that people should have a problem with when it comes to the prime minister, his full embroidered name in his suit’s pinstripes should be the least on the long list. I think the chic elite, which regards him as an interloper,  is unsettled that Modi displays a perpetual swagga. The suit may not pass the fashion muster in Paris or Milan but it has the virtue of cheap playfulness.

It is being hotly debated whether during his long stroll with the prime minister at the Hyderabad House Obama noticed the custom-made pinstripes. May be he did or may be he did not. In any case, the bro knows what swagga is. Either way it is of no consequence. However, in so much as it highlights the mind of Narendra Modi, all that it says is that he really loves himself and his own name. To which I say “Meh.”

P.S.: Incidentally, I have not used a photograph of the suit in question because I have no access to it without copyright. You can, of course, see it all over the Net. For your edification, I have done a small illustration of it.


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